4th Grade and Their Garden

By M. Damron, C. Aguirre & K. Sutton

Our Eula Elementary 4th grade class is planting a garden with the help of Mr. Karl Winge, the Callahan County Extension Agent. We are all so excited. The first time we went outside we were sad that we didn't get to plant the garden, but we had to build the garden first. This is a fun project because we get to go outside and it is educational. So far we have planted lettuce, spinach and radishes. Spinach helps you stay strong. We learned about the parts of plants. We now know that radishes are roots and spinach is a leaf.

Some of the materials for our garden were donated by City Lumber like some bird houses, wood to make the outside edges of the garden and the bottom liner to keep weeds from  coming up. That was so generous of them to donate the materials.

Mr. Karl has also challenged us to collect canned goods for the local food bank. When we bring canned goods we have to put them in a box based on that part of the plant it is. For example, tomatoes go in the box labeled fruit and beans go in the box labeled seeds. As of today we have collected 146 cans. We hope to earn a pizza party from Mr. Karl if we reach our goal.
Our class is excited to see what we can grow and thankful to have Mr. Karl join our science class one day a week and provide us with this hands-on experience. Who knows, some of us may be future farmers!