Composite of Various Floral Wreaths

Eula High School is offering floral design classes to juniors and seniors that are interested in learning about the floral design trade or just wanting to learn more about plants. 

They are making fall wreaths at this time and are offering those for sale. They will offer Christmas Wreaths later on.  The wreaths are helping bring out the creativity in the students that is needed to be successful in floral design. 

The students in these classes will take a written test and become level 1 knowledge-based certified in floral design this semester.  Then they will  be videotaped making two specific arrangements and the video will be sent to Austin to be graded. They will get a grade of Pass or Fail. Those who pass will get a level 1 hands-on certification . 

The Advanced Plant Science class has a garden, will be doing xeriscape along FM 603 in the raised beds next semester, and they are running the business side of the wreath selling. This class has built and published a website for the wreath business. Also, they are handling inventory, orders, shipping, etc. for the wreath project.

For more information, contact Darren Carson at