Mrs. Sutton & Mr. Farmer

Mrs. Sutton and Mr. Farmer are working together to teach a new-to-Eula project-based class called Applied Math for Technical Professionals. Students in this class work in teams to run a small business. They will use real money to buy materials to build professional grade products and then sell those products--hopefully for a profit. Students will then use the profit to purchase more materials to build more products, over and over during the course of the school year. The students are competing with other students to have the most profitable “business” at the end of the year.

Throughout this year, the students will be learning budgeting, finance, measurement, design software, cost analysis, customer relations, tax information and much more while participating in this class. The students will use these skills to build custom metal and wood projects that are designed either by the student or by a customer requesting something specific. These projects will be small to medium sized projects the first semester. The students will progress into building at least one large product in the second semester.

 People from the community are allowed to request projects from one of the teams in the course. They would need to email either Tom Farmer or Becki Sutton and then the teachers can get them in touch with a "company" that is interested in creating said product.  The students will then contact the consumer for design specs.

The Applied Math for Technical Professionals class will be conducted using TEKS as set by the Texas Education Agency. All profits will go toward tools and materials in the shop to further the program.